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Our Pianos in Bloomington, Illinois

Pre-Owned Pianos

Our previously owned pianos start off like any other you will find on the internet or in publications. Listed below is an idea of what services we preform on the pianos that come into our shop. All of our pre-owned pianos come with a full 1 year warranty parts and labor. When you purchase a piano from us know that you are getting a clean, properly functioning instrument that will serve you & your family for many years to come.
  • First the piano is cleaned in-side and out. Most pianos out there have never been cleaned!
  • Then the keys and action are removed repaired, cleaned, lubricated, and all screws are tightened.
  • All parts are inspected.
  • The piano is then reassembled.
  • The piano action is regulated.
  • Hammers are re-shaped and voiced.
  • Piano is tuned.
  • Piano cabinet is touched up.

Pre-Owned Grands

Pre-Owned Uprights


New Pianos

We currently offer a full line of pianos from the following vendors. Call us with any questions or concerns regarding ordering a new piano.
Samick is one of the world's largest and most experienced manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. From high quality, feature-rich entry level instruments, to world class acoustic pianos, Samick Music will always deliver the quality you deserve and expect.
Wm. Knabe pianos are handmade, limited production pianos created in the finest tradition of over 300 years of piano crafting. The rich and wondrous tonal quality of the Knabe has often been described as the nearest approach to the human singing voice. Listen to the tone of today's Knabe - no piano in the world has a voice quite like it.